Mount San Martino

Since 1958 I worked at the roccolo, the disused fowling site at Bosco Valtravaglia near Lago Maggiore.
This fascinating, disturbing and mysterious place, located in the shady green foothills of our Prealpi, is watched from a distance by the reassuring mass of Monte San Martino.
For years in my drawings and pastels this presence has remained quietly in the background to tangles of logs or azaleas and rhododendrons. But later, when the landscape moved to the center of my interest - a landscape widened almost at bird's eye view to distant fields or to sea patches, to valleys or cleavages in mountains - then I became conscious of its bulky charm, of the shape of its dark greenish or bluish tones, streaked and torn by the grey of the stone.
And I decided to give it the leading role in my pictures.
From different angles, I caught on my notepad a captivating curve, the rich green edges, or the profile against the sky, making my emotion more intense.
Here is my San Martino, a kind of comeback to the origins that humbly, thankfully, I offer to the great Cézanne who graciously showed me the way.