The human figure

During the Academy years, the human figure prevailed in my work: mainly naked life-size studies drawn with charcoal or Conté (very dark coal-based chalk) with deep blacks and violent strokes.
I made a lot of self-portraits from the '50s to the present time. The most important series dates back to 1991 - 50 x 35 drawings, on show at the Galleria San Carlo in Milan with the presentation o
f Roberto Tassi. in 1999 another set of large Portraits of an Actor, inspired by Moni Ovadia.
Portraits are mainly drawn in pencil, and in a few cases in charcoal.
In 1998 and 1999 I made 123 small studies of bathers, drawing from life on the rocks of Sant'Andrea at Isola d'Elba. They were the basis for the large acrylic pictures "Bathers on the rocks", on show in the solo exhibition "Human Landscapes" at the Broletto in Pavia in year 2007.