I was born in 1937 in Varese, in northern Italy. I studied in Milan, at Brera Academy, taught by Aldo Carpi and Domenico Cantatore. Since 1977 I live in Pavia. My first personal exhibition was in 1960 in Varese, introduced by Dante Isella.
I love painting en plein air, or from sketches made on the spot. Nature is my favourite subject: mountains, trees, sunsets, waterfalls; neglected logs, flowers, pumpkins. And human shapes and faces, and lastly my Teddy bears.
My work has been ascribed to the trend of Lombard Naturalism, whose best known exponents are Morlotti and Mattioli. My reference models go surely further in time and space: Graham Sutherland, and then Turner and Goya.
I like acrylic better than oil colors; I have been working intensely with pastel, even on relatively large sheets; more rarely with watercolors. I draw a lot, with charcoal and Conté pencil. In the past I produced many lithographs, most of them commissioned by Olivetti'.
I love Teddy bears and klezmer music (but also the classics: Mozart, Franck, Rachmaninoff especially).

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